September 2019

Bungie says it will have new non-Destiny franchises "within the marketplace" by 2025

On the eve of Destiny 2's re-launch as a partly free-to-play game, Bungie has revealed that plans are now in place for the release of at least one non-Destiny title by 2025.

Bungie first revealed it was working on new experiences outside of Destiny last year, when Chinese publisher NetEase announced it had invested over $100 million USD in the studio. At the time, Bungie said the investment would help it "explore new directions", while NetEase confirmed the studio would "begin the creation of new worlds" as part of the deal.

Although there's been limited news regarding Bungie's future non-Destiny endeavours since then, the studio has now opened up a little about its ambitions as an independent developer, following its split with Activision earlier this year.

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Plague Inc dev's peace-keeping military sim Rebel Inc: Escalation heading to PC

Ndemic Creations, the developer behind enormously popular germ domination game Plague Inc, has revealed its next endeavour: peace-keeping "political/military strategic simulation" Rebel Inc: Escalation, which is heading to Steam early access some time in October.

Rebel Inc: Escalation is an expanded version of Rebel Inc, which initially appeared on mobile devices at the end of last year. Its core is the same on PC - players are tasked with stabilising and maintaining peace in a war-torn country following conflict - but the new version will introduce the likes of a full campaign, multiplayer, Steam workshop support, and enhanced visuals.

Broadly, players must balance competing civilian and military needs in order to appeal to the local populace while also preventing an insurgency from seizing power. That requires the carefully managing resources, adapting to changing conditions, and upgrading teams and abilities, with Escalation featuring "real world development initiatives and an innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics"

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