Viking RTS Northgard gets September release date on consoles, board game adaptation

Developer Shiro Games is positively aquiver with news regarding its excellent Viking-themed real-time strategy game, Northgard. For starters, the previously announced Xbox One, PS4 and Switch editions now have a release date of 26th September, and there's a new board game adaptation on the way. Last but not least, there's a new co-op update heading to PC too.

Northgard, if it's so far managed to pass you by, plays a little like the classic Settlers series, tasking players with establishing and expanding a thriving Viking settlement - and the military might needed to protect it - through exploration, resource management, and land acquisition.

It's a brutal endeavour, however, defined by tough decisions. Land zones, for instance, which must be conquered prior to use, will only house a small number of workers and buildings. As such, you'll need to think carefully about utilising your limited workforce and restricted space if you're to assert your domination against other clans and mythological beasts. And that's before winter rolls around, decimating food supplies and, if you're not prepared, your population.

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Drive a clapped out banger across Eastern Europe in Jalopy on Xbox One this September

Developer Minskworks' weird, wonderful Eastern European road trip adventure, Jalopy, is switching gears and accelerating onto Xbox One (almost certainly while desperately trying to stop its doors falling off) later this year, on 27th September.

Jalopy, if you've not yet been acquainted, initially released on PC last March, following a little under two years in early access development. It's a delightfully idiosyncratic thing, tasking players with hopping behind the wheel of their beloved (if barely still functional) Laika 601 Deluxe in order to transport their uncle across the former Eastern Bloc.

It would, in all honesty, be inaccurate to call Jalopy eventful in the traditional sense. By and large, the most exciting thing you're likely to see as you trundle through the wilfully drab, low-poly landscapes that make up Jalopy's interpretation of Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, is a discarded cardboard box in the road.

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GTA Online's casino has an opening date

Following Rockstar's announcement last month, GTA Online's casino finally opens for business on 23rd July.

The Diamond Casino & Resort will have its grand opening on Tuesday next week, allowing players to gamble against the house using chips in classic casino games such as Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. There'll also be Slot Machines with various prizes, and an Inside Track lounge to "watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds".

In a post on Rockstar's website, the developer mentions the "massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard" players have seen being built in game is "nearing completion".

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New Pokémon Masters trailer shows off co-op gameplay

Pokémon Masters is The Pokémon Company's next foray into mobile gaming that it announced earlier this year, and it's all about the battling rather than the catching.

Today it revealed a few new features for the real-time strategy game, as well as some more gameplay footage to get fans hyped for the release - the most interesting of which being three player co-op with trainers from around the world.

Trainers, gym leaders and elite four members from all other regions of the Pokémon world can be found on the brand new setting of Pasio, travelling with a partner Pokémon to form a 'sync pair'. While not much is known about the artificial island of Pasio, we do know it's home to the Pokémon Masters League, where sync pairs battle 3-on-3 in order to win badges and become champions of the Pokémon Masters League.

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Tim Willits will leave id Software this month after 24 years there

Charismatic id Software studio director Tim Willits has announced he will leave the company when QuakeCon ends, later this month (25th-28th July).

"After 24 years, I've decided to leave id Software after QuakeCon," Willits wrote on Twitter. "I've been extremely lucky to work with the best people in the industry on truly amazing games. QuakeCon has been an unbelievable part of my journey and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Gaylord Texan.

"All of the games currently in development are in very good hands," he added. "My departure will not affect any planned releases. id Software is packed full of amazing talent that will continue to develop (long into the future) some of the best shooters in the world.

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