15 Games Sony Should Include on the PlayStation Classic


Sony is copying Nintendo and releasing a classic version of the original PlayStation. It will feature 20 games, but they’ve only revealed 5 of them so far: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. What will the other 15 games on this overpriced retro-console be though? Here are 15 ideas of games that would be great for the roster.



This was one of my favorite PlayStation games. It perfectly captured Spider-Man and his villains and gave us a pretty cool story. Also, the unlockable different costumes with different abilities was a very nice touch. The one drawback is that it was not an exclusive. That shouldn’t stop this great game from making it though.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


Yes, I know this is another non-exclusive. It’s still a fantastic game and a staple for anyone who had a PlayStation. The different levels and amazing soundtrack made this game a winner and it should be celebrated on one of these classic systems.

PaRappa the Rapper


I only played the demo for Parappa the Rapper, but it was a blast. It has received sequels as well showing that people enjoy the dog rapper. This would be a great break from the darker titles that continue down this list.

Crash Bandicoot


Crash was to PlayStation what Mario is to Nintendo. Crash was Sony’s big furry mascot that helped people easily identify the platform. I know that they recently released the N. Sane Trilogy but having the first game on the PlayStation Classic is a must.

Spyro the Dragon


Spyro is pretty much the same as Crash in terms of importance. Once again, I know they’re releasing the Reignited Trilogy later this year, but Spyro was fundamental to PlayStation. One of the first games people think of when PlayStation is brought up, is Spyro.

Resident Evil

Resident_evil_platinum_pal (1) (1).jpg

The game that started it all. Resident Evil is another classic PlayStation title that launched a huge franchise. A great way to celebrate a classic console would be to bring the original Resident Evil story back in all its glory. Infamous for its cheesy “Jill-Sandwich” dialogue, the game still managed to be one of the best ones in the system.

Resident Evil 2


A remake of Resident Evil 2 is in the works, so why not include the original copy for fans who missed out on the original run. This game is so freaking popular that it alone would probably sell a healthy number of units.

Twisted Metal 2


The dark twisted cousin of Mario Kart’s battle mode. When you think about it, the story is pretty dark, but that doesn’t stop you and your friends from enjoying shooting missles at each other. One of you will probably even be the demonic clown Sweet Tooth driving an ice cream truck.

Crash Team Racing


PlayStation’s version of Mario Kart was a blast. There were a lot of similarities, but the Crash twist on everything made it unique. This is a no-brainer as it is a great family friendly multiplayer game. Yeah, you may want to play Resident Evil, but when your kid wants to play with you, this is a great alternative until they go to bed.

Metal Gear Solid


Do I even need to say anything?

Dino Crisis 2

Less survival horror and more action arcade makes Dino Crisis 2 a standout for many fans. With the addition of rail shooter sections, the game feels like an original piece of art for all fans to enjoy, and that ending, who can forget the ending? Maybe Capcom should remake this game next?

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

harvest-moon-back-to-nature (1).jpg

Back before Stardew Valley, there was Harvest Moon and Back to Nature is the first non-Nintendo Harvest Moon game, which kind of a big deal. The game is a big hit among fans and is another fantastic RPG which the PlayStation was known for.

Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics was brilliant. It took the same universe as all the other Final Fantasy games, and changed things up. Instead of simple turn-based combat like the core games, it switched to a more tactical combat system. Even if you don’t care for Final Fantasy games in general, this one is so different, you may like it.

Saga Frontier


The PlayStation was well-known for its RPGs. Saga Frontier was one of those many RPGs. What set this game apart was that there were 7 characters whose stories you could explore. That’s at least 7 different playthroughs for you. Think that’ll keep you busy?


One of the first stealthy games. Why wouldn’t you include this on your classic console? Not to mention that classic systems should have some kind of ninja game. After all, the NES Classic included Ninja Gaiden. The SNES Classic did fall down on the job with this one though. The bigger question is, do you go with the original or Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen?

Honorable Mention: Rayman, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

What do you think of our list? Which PS1 game would you like to see on the PlayStation Classic? Share your picks in the comments below.